Zeke Cohen - "Education should help youths see themselves as leaders"

Education is the key for developing functioning societies, and is appropriately, and necessarily, at the center of political discussion and decision-making at all times. Zeke Cohen, former teacher and education activist, now councilman for the first district of the city of Baltimore, United States, believes current education systems have failed underprivileged children across the U.S. Speaking at the fourth Salzburg Global Forum for Young Cultural Innovators, Cohen says, “Education should help youths see themselves in a different light, as leaders, rather than systematically separate them based on their social status. All kids should be taught that by being disciplined, hardworking, and courageous, they can become leaders, thus helping them stay out of trouble.”

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City councilman scrutinizes lack of bus audits

The criticism comes after six people were killed in a crash involving a school bus last year. Councilman Zeke Cohen led a news conference calling for urgency Monday afternoon.

The bus driver worked for a private company contracted by city schools. Five months ago, the National Transportation Safety Board recommended that the state make safety changes, including an audit of the driver screening process.

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