Local Governments Fund Court Fights Against Federal Deportation Bids

Baltimore city councilman Zeke Cohen told the Sun that in Southeast Baltimore, the area he represents, a small-business owner, a popular barber and a father dropping off a child at school were among the arrests.

"First, we lost a barber, then a small-business owner. Finally, a father was handcuffed and detained after dropping off his 9-year-old at school. The child's mother is back in Honduras. What kind of a country do we live in that would orphan a child in order to enforce its broken immigration laws?" Cohen said.

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Councilman Cohen Responds to BPD Corruption Trial

"It is absolutely essential that we get to the bottom of all of what's  being alleged in this case," Councilman Zeke Cohen told ABC2.

Cohen goes on to call the crimes and allegations involving Suiter and the department horrendous and upsetting.

"I'm frustrated by what we're seeing coming from this trial, coming from that DOJ report.  We have got to make sure this police department is clean that it is accountable."

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Councilman Zeke Cohen joins Safety Sumit in Fells Point

"You can't be afraid of conflict," Cohen said Wednesday. "Nothing is going to get better if we remain 'two Baltimores.' I think where our city has struggled is we often have conversations in silos and we have a hard time talking to each other across lines of difference. We saw some of that last night.

 "People are hungry for civic engagement. Yes, it’s messy. But they want to be engaged they want to see better. As painful and as wrenching it was, it’s good for our city."

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